After fifteen years of success in the world of international home decor it's time to go back to our roots.

In our experience lies fifteen years of experience within the designing, production, selling and marketing of GANT HOME, a strong international home decoration brand.


We now introduce "Simply Scandinavian".

Simply Scandinavian is a lifestyle concept made for those feeling at home in the Nordic way of life.

Being forced inside due to darkness and cold weather, us Northerners and plenty of time to showcase our home to our family and friends. Even during the short and magically bright summers, we most enjoy socializing in our homes surrounded by fresh air, clean water and unspoiled nature. These conditions make way for a unique creativity and way of thinking considered almost impossible to imitate. It is a style internationally admired for being just as straightforwardly beautiful as it is enduring.


Color schemes include shades of blue, white and sober, earthy tones, but also with hints of stronger contrasts.

The Collection and its patterns can come in different forms, but is always sprung from a Scandinavian color scheme. It has therefore been named "Impressions of Scandinavia".


By going to our Swedish roots, we are sticking to what is is already a part of us: the mountains, the forests, plains and islands.


Fortunately, these are the sources of inspiration that will never cease to influence us.


     For contact: annette.lundh@simplyscandinavian.se